How UNILAG Foundation/Diploma Programme Works


How UNILAG Foundation/Diploma Programme Works

UNILAG Foundation/Diploma Programme is an initiative of the school through which candidates can get a Direct Entry (DE) admission to 200 level to study any of the courses offered by the school without JAMB.

As far as university admission is concerned, UNILAG Foundation/Diploma is the easiest way to get admission to study any course of your choice in the prestigious University of Lagos.

n this comprehensive article, we shall provides you all the relevant information you need to know about UNILAG Foundation/Diploma Programme 2022/2023.

In other words, this is a one-stop platform for every information about UNILAG Foundation/Diploma Programme 2019/2020.

Specifically, we shall provide you the general requirement for UNILAG Foundation/Diploma Programme, the school fees, the available courses, the cost of purchasing the form, how and where to purchase the form, among other guides.

As already stated above, UNILAG Foundation, formerly known as UNILAG Diploma, is an initiative through which candidates can gain Direct Entry Admission to 200 level to study any course of their choice.

This is how it works: First thing is to obtain the foundation form. After the sales of form, the school will conduct an entrance exam. If you pass the entrance exam, you then be admitted to the Foundation programme.

Please note that being admitted into UNILAG Foundation does not mean you have been admitted to the the undergraduate programme. It simply simply means you have passed the first stage.

Successfully admitted candidates into the Foundation programme will then undergo intensive lectures on three subjects that are relevant for their chosen course for approximately 9 months.

After the 9 months intensive lectures, candidates will then seat for the final exam administered by the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB).

Highly successful candidates after an approved examination administered by the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), are eligible for consideration for Direct Entry admission into the 200 Level of the Degree Programmes of the University through JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board), or admission into the University of Bedfordshire, University of Central Lancashire, University of the West of England, De Montfort University, Leicester, University of Birmingham, (UK) and Soochow University, China.

UNILAG Foundation/Diploma Subject Combinations

The School of Foundation Studies will provide an intensive one-year programme, teaching subjects in line with the JUPEB Syllabus for admission according to the following subject combination groupings:

1 Accounting_Business Studies_Economics SFS01
2 Accounting_Economics_Geography SFS02
3 Accounting_Economics_Government SFS03
4 Visual Arts_Christian Reglious Studies_Government SFS04
5 Visual Arts_Christian Reglious Studies _Music SFS05
6 Visual Arts _Government _Music SFS06
7 Visual Arts _Literature In English_Music SFS07
8 Visual Arts _Mathematics_Physics SFS08
9 Biology_Chemistry_Physics SFS09
11 Biology_Economics_Government SFS11
12 Biology_Economics_Literature In English SFS12
13 Biology_Mathematics_Physics SFS13
14 Business Studies_Economics_Government SFS14
15 Chemistry_Economics_Mathematics SFS15
16 Chemistry_Physics_Mathematics SFS16
17 Christian Reglious Studies _French_ Literature In English SFS17
18 Christian Reglious Studies _ Government _Music SFS18
19 Christian Reglious Studies _ Government _Music SFS19
20 Christian Reglious Studies _Governmen_Igbo SFS20
21 Christian Reglious Studies _ Literature In English_History SFS21
22 Christian Reglious Studies _ Literature In English _Music SFS22
23 Economics _Geography_ Government SFS23
24 Economics _ Government _Islamic Studies SFS24
25 Economics _ Government _ Literature In English SFS25
26 Economics _ Mathematics _Physics SFS26
27 French_ Government _Islamic Studies SFS27
28 French_History_Islamics Studies SFS28
29 Government _ Christian Reglious Studies _Economics SFS29
30 Government _History_Islamics Studies SFS30
31 Government _ Literature In English _History SFS31
32 Government_ Literature In English _Music SFS32
33 History_ Government _ Christian Reglious Studies SFS33
34 Islamic Studies_ Government _ Literature In English SFS34
35 Literature In English _ Government _ Christian Reglious Studies SFS35
36 Literature In English _History_Islamics Studies SFS36
37 Mathematics_Geography_Economics SFS37
38 Mathematics_Physics_Geography SFS38
39 Government_Islamic Studies_Economics SFS39
40 Biology_Chemistry_Economics SFS40
41 Visual Arts_Government_Islamics Studies SFS41
42 Visual Arts_ Christian Reglious Studies _History SFS42

But before you can be a student of Unilag diploma,you must undergo a section testing which is popularly called entrance examination.

How prepared are you for the entrance exam?

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Always  plan  for yourself  think of  what to study  In the  exam  hall.  no body  will write  for you.
Hello You  Need  To Get  Yourself Prepared With the teeming population of candidates applying for Unilag every year, getting the Unilag Diploma II Foundation  past questions is a necessity if you want to score high in the forth coming Diploma examination.
No matter the course you applied for, Unilag will test you for Mathematics, English Language and Three  Other Subject Base On the  Course  And Your  Olevel  Results. These are the subjects you would do in the Unilag diploma  exams They Is Now  thought in it.
You  can  get  the entrance  past question  and answers  so that  you  can  archieve  what  you want.
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For more information and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394

If there is any information you wish to ask that is not posted here please feel free to call or whatsapp our number 09022205421 or you can drop your questions on the comment section I will sure do well to reply you.

For further inquiries and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394

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