How To Obtain Unilag Diploma/Foundation, The Requirements And All You Need To Know

How To Obtain Unilag Diploma/Foundation, The Requirements And All You Need To Know

Diploma is another certificate people rush in to obtain usually for admission purpose rather than for possession. With a diploma degree at hand, a direct entry admission process is much easier. It is inline with this that we look into the diploma programme of one the prestigious universities in Nigeria, the university of Lagos.

The programme is often referred to Unilag Diploma Foundation programme or Unilag Jupeb programme. It is a one year programme of serious academic drilling in the respective subjects combination in preparation for the university degree course. Well if you ask me, I don’t think it is any better than diploma programmes of other universities but the dignity of the school has rob on it. Lets take a look at the requirements and application process.

Unilag Diploma Requirements

Just like any academic programme, the Unilag Diploma programme has got academic requirements you need to meet up with before you can be granted admission. You do need to have a good O level results which include credit passes in English language, Mathematics and three (3) other relevant subjects to the diploma programmes you want to pursue. This must not be more than one sitting.

In addition to this, it is to be noted that you will be required write and pass your entrance examination. The entrance examination comprise twenty (20) questions each for English and Mathematics with fifteen (15) each for the other three subjects. You will also go through medical screening to attest to your physical fitness.

once you successfully pass your examination, the journey to excellence begins the moment you are granted admission for the programme. It is to be noted that a high level discipline is required from all students who are lucky enough to be admitted for the programme.

For those preparing their mind to enroll in the Unilag Diploma programme, it is important to prepare your parents ahead for the financial commitment. The application form goes for twenty five thousand naira (N25,500) only at the moment while the school fees is around three hundred and fifty thousand naira (N400,000).

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List of Courses offered in the Unilag Foundation Programme.

Below are the list of courses offered in the Unilag Foundation/Diploma/Jupeb/Predegree  programme;

  1. Foundation In Accounting.
  2. Foundation In Actuarial Science.
  3. Foundation In Adult Education.
  4. Foundation In Architecture.
  5. Foundation In Biochemistry.
  6. Foundation In Biology Education.
  7. Foundation In Botany.
  8. Foundation In Building.
  9. Foundation In Business Administration.
  10. Foundation In Business Education.
  11. Foundation In Cell Biology & Genetics.
  12. Foundation In Chemical Engineering.
  13. Foundation In Chemistry.
  14. Foundation In Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  15. Foundation In Computer Engineering.
  16. Foundation In Computer Sciences.
  17. Foundation In Dentistry.
  18. Foundation In Early Childhood Education.
  19. Foundation In Economics.
  20. Foundation In Economics Education.
  21. Foundation In Educational Administration.
  22. Foundation In Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  23. Foundation In English.
  24. Foundation In English Education.
  25. Foundation In Estate Management.
  26. Foundation in Finance.
  27. Foundation In Fisheries.
  28. Foundation in French.
  29. Foundation In Geograph.
  30. Foundation In Geography Education.
  31. Foundation In Geology.
  32. Foundation In Geophysics.
  33. Foundation In Guidance & Counselling.
  34. Foundation In History & Strategic Studies.
  35. Foundation In Home Economics.
  36. Foundation In Human Kinetic & Health Education.
  37. Foundation In Industrial Relations & Personel Management.
  38. Foundation In Insurance.
  39. Foundation In Integrated Science.
  40. Foundation In Law.
  41. Foundation In Marine Biology.
  42. Foundation In Mass Communication.
  43. Foundation In Materials & Metallurgical Engineering.
  44. Foundation In Mathematics.
  45. Foundation In Mathematics Education.
  46. Foundation In Mechanical Engineering.
  47. Foundation In Medical Laboratory Sciences.
  48. Foundation In Medicine & Surgery.
  49. Foundation In Microbiology.
  50. Foundation In Music.
  51. Foundation In Nursing Sciences.
  52. Foundation In Petroleum & Gas Engineering.
  53. Foundation In Pharmacology.
  54. Foundation In Pharmacy.
  55. Foundation in Philosophy.
  56. Foundation In Physics.
  57. Foundation In Physics Education.
  58. Foundation In Physiology.
  59. Foundation In Physiotherapy.
  60. Foundation In Political Science.
  61. Foundation In Psychology.
  62. Foundation In Quantity Surveying.
  63. Foundation In Radiography.
  64. Foundation In Russian.
  65. Foundation In Sociology.
  66. Foundation In Sports Science.
  67. Foundation In Surveying & Geoinformatics.
  68. Foundation In Systems Engineering.
  69. Foundation In Theatre Arts.
  70. Foundation In Urban & Regional Planning.
  71. Foundation In Visual Arts.
  72. Foundation in Yoruba.
  73. Foundation in Zoology.

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