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Join Our Tutorials

Do you know that UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam comes up immediately after the close of the sales of the forms? Do you know that over 15,000 candidates are going to apply for the postgraduate school which has less than 6,000 admission capacity? How are you preparing for it?

Well, here is the truth you might not knowstudying past questions is not a preparation because 70% of the past questions in circulation are fake compilations. If they were real, they would have been made available for sale in UNILAG Bookshop. For instance, Post UTME and Diploma Past Questions are real, and that is why they are being sold in UNILAG Bookshop. But you can’t find Postgraduate past questions in UNILAG Bookshop because most of them are not real.

Here is another truth you need to knowVirtually, all the people failing the entrance exam studied the ‘past questions’. If  studying ‘past questions’ is not a preparation for the entrance exam, how then can one prepare adequately for the exam?

The truth is that, attending a tutorial where the lecturers are already postgraduate students of the course you are applying for is the best preparation for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam. We understand how important your pursuit of postgraduate degree is to your career. This is why we are inviting you to attend our tutorials. Check out the benefits and features of our tutorials below.

Features and Benefits of Our tutorial

  • There is a lecturer for each course.
  • Each lecturer is already a postgraduate (Masters, Mphil and PhD) student of the course you are applying for. Most of them also passed through our tutorials. They are in the best position to teach you what to expect in the entrance exam.
  • There is a separate class for each course. Hence, the classes are not combined as you have in other tutorial centres who fail to take into cognizance the uniqueness of each course.
  • We have over 95% success rate which is our key selling proposition
  • We do follow up to ensure your admission is secure
  • The venue is inside UNILAG
  • Fully air-conditioned lecture rooms with state-of-the-art infrastructures that motivate candidates to learn and make learning conducive and easy
  • Adequate parking space

Lecture Venue:


Lecture Day:

Every Saturday

Lecture Time:

10:30 am to 4:30 pm (If the schedule is not convenient for you, call Mr Falana on 09022205421 Or 08117765394 for other options)

N30,000 only

We know that there are numerous tutorial centres who might be charging a ridiculously low price that is less than N50,000. We also know that they don’t have lecturers for each course. Rather, what they do is combine classes without taking into cognizance the uniqueness of each course. For instances, they combine candidates for different courses under science to attend the same class, candidates for different courses under engineering attend the same class, candidates for different courses under social science attend the same class, candidates for different courses under engineering attend the same class, candidates for different courses under Business Administration attend the same class, candidates for different courses under arts attend the same class. This is totally wrong. How can you teach someone applying M.Sc Psychology the same thing with someone applying for M.Sc Economics even though they are in the same faculty of Social Science? Of course you know it is wrong.

In our tutorial, there is a separate lecturer for each course which ensures you are given maximum attention and make you learn what is relevant and most likely to come out in the entrance exam.

How to Register

Since our lecture holds every Saturday, we recommend you register before Saturday so as to enable us make adequate provisions for you and to avoid any form of dissatisfaction. This is how to register: kindly come to our outlet in UNILAG, at Amina Shopping Complex, and fill the registration form and make your payment. Call 09022205421 for proper direction to our outlet in UNILAG.

Please if your first degree was not in University of Lagos (UNILAG), make sure you join a tutorial. We have our reasons for saying this and it is not something we can talk about here. However, let’s just give you a hint of why we are saying this. UNILAG is a school that is known for academic excellence. From experience, we have discovered that most candidates with a first degree from other schools usually perform poorly in the UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam due to the palpable dichotomy between UNILAG standard and that of their schools. However, those candidates with first degree from other schools who joined our tutorial perform excellently well after being under the tutelage of seasoned lecturers all of whom are UNILAG ‘products’. Therefore, we strongly recommend you join our tutorials which take place on Saturdays inside UNILAG.


There are numerous tutorial centres but only few  are recommendable of which our own tutorial centre is topping the list. Over the years, we have maintained an average of 95% success rate. This means that 95% of candidates that attend our tutorials usually get admitted into the UNILAG School of Postgraduate Studies to study their desired courses. Our tutorial centre is highly equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructures that motivate candidates to learn and make learning conducive and easy. If you are interested call Mr Anthony on 09022205421 Or 08117765394

July 2021
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