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Application  are invited from suitably qualified candidates into the School of Foundation Studies, University of Lagos or Hallmark University for the 2024/2025 Academic Session. Highly successful candidates after an approved examination administered by the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), are eligible for consideration for Direct Entry admission into the 200 Level of the Degree Programmes of the University through JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board), or admission into the University of Bedfordshire, University of Central Lancashire, University of the West of England, De Montfort University, Leicester, University of Birmingham, (UK) Universituy Of Nottinham, University Of Surrey, University Of Salford, Southampthon, United Kingdom; University Of Abeerdeen, University Of Dundee, Scotland and Soochow University, China.

The Foundation programme is also known as the JUPEB, diploma programme or the Pre-degree programme. It is a one-year programme that lets successful candidates gain admission into UNILAG 200-Level.

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Admission Requirements

A minimum of FIVE credits (English Language, Mathematics and three relevant subjects) obtained in one sitting at the SSCE/WASSC, GCE/O/L, NECO with results obtained before registration.

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Subject Combination

CRS/IRS – Music – Visual Arts
2CRS/IRS – French – Literature In EnglishSFS002
3CRS/IRS – Igbo/Yoruba – Literature In EnglishSFS003
4CRS/IRS – History – Literature In EnglishSFS004
5CRS/IRS – Music – Literature In EnglishSFS005
6CRS/IRS – History – Igbo/YorubaSFS006
7CRS/IRS – Igbo/Yoruba – Visual ArtsSFS007
8CRS/IRS – History – Visual ArtsSFS008
9CRS/IRS – Government – Visual ArtsSFS009
10CRS/IRS – Government – MusicSFS010
11CRS/IRS – Government – Igbo/YorubaSFS011
12CRS/IRS – Economics – GovernmentSFS012
13CRS/IRS – French – GovernmentSFS013
14CRS/IRS – Government – HistorySFS014
15CRS/IRS – Government – Literature In EnglishSFS015
16Literature In English – Music – Visual ArtsSFS016
17French – Igbo/Yoruba – Literature In EnglishSFS017
18Government – Music – Visual ArtsSFS018
19Economics – Government – Literature In EnglishSFS019
20Government – History – Literature In EnglishSFS020
21Government – Music – Literature In EnglishSFS021
22Accounting – Business Studies – EconomicsSFS022
23Accounting – Economics – GeographySFS023
24Accounting – Economics – GovernmentSFS024
25Business Studies – Economics – GovernmentsSFS025
26Business Studies – Economics – GeographySFS026
27Economics – Geography – GovernmentSFS027
28Biology – Chemistry – PhysicsSFS028
29Biology – Mathematics – PhysicsSFS029
30Biology – Economics – GovernmentSFS030
31Biology – Economics – Literature In EnglishSFS031
32Biology – Chemistry – EconomicsSFS032
33Chemistry – Physics – MathematicsSFS033
34Chemistry – Economics – MathematicsSFS034
35Economics – Mathematics – PhysicsSFS035
36Mathematics – Physics – Visual ArtsSFS036
37Mathematics – Economics – GeographySFS037
38Mathematics – Geography – PhysicsySFS038
39Mathematics – Economics – GovernmentSFS039

For further inquiries and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394

Admission Requirements

Candidates who are interested in this programme must have at least five credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, and three other relevant subjects obtained in one sitting. accepts WASSCE/SSCE, GCE, and NECO.

For further inquiries and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394

The subjects above are subject codes. The translation of the subject codes above can be seen below;

  • MAT: Mathematics
  • ACC: Accounting
  • BIO: Biology
  • ART: Visual Arts
  • CHE: Chemistry
  • ECO: Economics
  • BUS: Business Studies
  • FRE: French
  • HIS: History
  • CRS: Christian Religious Studies
  • GEO: Geography
  • IGB: Igbo
  • LIT: Literature in English
  • GOV: Government
  • ISS: Islamic Studies
  • PHY: Physics
  • MUS: Music
  • YOR: Yoruba

For further inquiries and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394

List of Courses Offered in the Foundation Programme.

Below is the list of courses offered in the foundation/JUPEB/Diploma programme;

  1. Foundation In Accounting.
  2. Foundation In Actuarial Science.
  3. Foundation In Adult Education.
  4. Foundation In Architecture.
  5. Foundation In Biochemistry.
  6. Foundation In Biology Education.
  7. Foundation In Botany.
  8. Foundation In Building.
  9. Foundation In Business Administration.
  10. Foundation In Business Education.
  11. Foundation In Cell Biology & Genetics.
  12. Foundation In Chemical Engineering.
  13. Foundation In Chemistry.
  14. Foundation In Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  15. Foundation In Computer Engineering.
  16. Foundation In Computer Sciences.
  17. Foundation In Dentistry.
  18. Foundation In Early Childhood Education.
  19. Foundation In Economics.
  20. Foundation In Economics Education.
  21. Foundation In Educational Administration.
  22. Foundation In Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  23. Foundation In English.
  24. Foundation In English Education.
  25. Foundation In Estate Management.
  26. Foundation in Finance.
  27. Foundation In Fisheries.
  28. Foundation in French.
  29. Foundation In Geograph.
  30. Foundation In Geography Education.
  31. Foundation In Geology.
  32. Foundation In Geophysics.
  33. Foundation In Guidance & Counselling.
  34. Foundation In History & Strategic Studies.
  35. Foundation In Home Economics.
  36. Foundation In Human Kinetic & Health Education.
  37. Foundation In Industrial Relations & Personel Management.
  38. Foundation In Insurance.
  39. Foundation In Integrated Science.
  40. Foundation In Law.
  41. Foundation In Marine Biology.
  42. Foundation In Mass Communication.
  43. Foundation In Materials & Metallurgical Engineering.
  44. Foundation In Mathematics.
  45. Foundation In Mathematics Education.
  46. Foundation In Mechanical Engineering.
  47. Foundation In Medical Laboratory Sciences.
  48. Foundation In Medicine & Surgery.
  49. Foundation In Microbiology.
  50. Foundation In Music.
  51. Foundation In Nursing Sciences.
  52. Foundation In Petroleum & Gas Engineering.
  53. Foundation In Pharmacology.
  54. Foundation In Pharmacy.
  55. Foundation in Philosophy.
  56. Foundation In Physics.
  57. Foundation In Physics Education.
  58. Foundation In Physiology.
  59. Foundation In Physiotherapy.
  60. Foundation In Political Science.
  61. Foundation In Psychology.
  62. Foundation In Quantity Surveying.
  63. Foundation In Radiography.
  64. Foundation In Russian.
  65. Foundation In Sociology.
  66. Foundation In Sports Science.
  67. Foundation In Surveying & Geoinformatics.
  68. Foundation In Systems Engineering.
  69. Foundation In Theatre Arts.
  70. Foundation In Urban & Regional Planning.
  71. Foundation In Visual Arts.
  72. Foundation in Yoruba.
  73. Foundation in Zoology.

For further inquiries and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394If there is any information you wish to ask that is not posted here please feel free to call or whatsapp our number on 09022205421, if our numbers are switched off you can as well send a text or you can drop your question on the comment section I will sure do well to reply you.
For more information and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394

If there is any information you wish to ask that is not posted here please feel free to call or whatsapp our number 09022205421 or you can drop your questions on the comment section I will sure do well to reply you.

For further inquiries and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394

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