The board has the responsibility of conducting common and standard examinations for the candidates, who have been exposed to a minimum of one-year approved courses in the different Universities’s Foundation and/or Diploma Programmes and are seeking Direct Entry admissions into University courses at the 200 Level in Nigerian and partnering foreign universities.

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The Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) is a national examinations body approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria in December 2013. It was formally established in April 2014 by a consortium of ten (10) partnering universities led by the University of Lagos.

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The first of such examinations was conducted in August 2014 and successful candidates were admitted into 200 Level by JAMB based on recommendations from the universities. With effect from 2015, JUPEB Examinations will hold in June annually.

To be an outstanding examination body that will conduct common, standard and credible examinations based on a world-class curriculum, for candidates seeking Direct Entry admissions into Nigerian and foreign-based partner universities.

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To facilitate Direct Entry admissions into various University courses globally by conducting credible examinations for candidates taught on a qualitative and well-balanced curriculum.

Core Values and Principles

  • Integrity and Respect.
  • Openness and Communication.
  • Continuous Improvement of Staff Professionalism and Competence.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to priortize workload and meet deadlines.

The Registrar/CE, in conjunction with the Vice-Chancellor of the University, would fix a date for the Pre-Affiliation Visit a Team from JUPEB, to ascertain the preparedness of the University for running the JUPEB programme in terms of availability of human and physical resources. The University is to provide logistics for the Pre-Affiliation Visit. At the end of the Pre-Affiliation Visit, the Pre-Affiliation Visit Team will submit its recommendations to the Governing Board through the Registrar/Chief Executive.

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Upon the approval of the Pre-Affiliation Visit Report by the Governing Board, the University would be required to pay an Affiliation Fee to be determined from time to time.

The University can then advertise for candidates and run the programme according to JUPEB’s Syllabus and Calendar.

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Hallmark University is fully equipped to provide holistic education, intellectual skills, advocacy and social responsibility. We are prepared to extend the frontiers of knowledge by creating a total man full of resourcefulness and ingenuity to be part of social engineering of our nation, Nigeria and the world at large. Hallmark University is student centered and extend to all persons without prejudice to race, creed, gender, or political leanings the opportunity to acquire University education in the sciences, technology and management. In Hallmark University, we encourage the advancement of learning and leadership by example is a must among staff and students. Management shall demonstrate discipline, hard work, high moral values, exemplary personal conduct as well as good conscience in the discharge of their duties.

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Registry is the administrative Hub of any University whose duties are specified in the career structure to generate and transmit information, policies and service direction of the Institution. The Registry is the custodians of records, rules, history, traditions and culture of the University system in addition to having good core leadership competency. The Registry as the engine room of the University administration in collaboration with other units and departments to effectively carry out the Institutional objectives and multiple goals of the University system. The wide range scope of duties of the University career administrators include human resources and personnel management, secretariat coverage of boards and committees, processing of students academic records for storage and retrieval, students admission, staff training, welfare and disciplinary matters including playing advisory roles to the Council and Chief Executive on oversight functions for good governance and stability of the system.

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The Registry structure

The structure of the Registry consists of routine and day to day administration of the University that are quite challenging and which according to the civil service manual/handbook includes, career administrative functions, evolving new techniques to improve on the past as well as to meet fresh challenges. Administrators in every organization’s Registry are expected to use their initiative and judgement wisely to articulate position papers, recording of proceedings in deciding issues without deviating from the rules and procedures. They are expected to employ strategic leadership for above average returns in the institution. They are the main access route to the organizational functions whose job functions and duties include offering necessary solution to customer’s queries.

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The Registry as a dynamic constituent component of the University and at the center of the various administrative schedule functions and reforms in accordance with the growing needs of the University.  The Registry as the administrative nerve of the system is most of the time strategically working to achieve the socio-economic goals and development of the University.

The career administrators that made up the Registry from time to time coordinate all the activities of the University and communicate with all the numerous stakeholders of the University decisions and directives of Council, Senate and the Management. They ensure that the policies and programmes of the University at any particular time are carried out decisively.

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The roles and functions of recruitment, selection, admission, articulating academic rules and regulations for assessments, promotions and students graduation, posting utilization and accommodation of human resources of the University are usually subsumed under the following divisions and units of the University for now:

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  1. Accounting.
  2. Actuarial Science.
  3. Adult Education.
  4. Architecture.
  5. Biochemistry.
  6. Biology Education.
  7. Botany.
  8. Building.
  9. Business Administration.
  10. Business Education.
  11. Cell Biology & Genetics.
  12. Chemical Engineering.
  13. Chemistry.
  14. Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  15. Computer Engineering.
  16.  Computer Sciences.
  17. Dentistry.
  18. Early Childhood Education.
  19. Economics.
  20. Economics Education.
  21. Educational Administration.
  22. Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  23. English.
  24. English Education.
  25. Estate Management.
  26. Finance.
  27. Fisheries 
  28. French.
  29. Geography.
  30. Foundation In Geography Education.
  31. Foundation In Geology.
  32. Foundation In Geophysics.
  33. Foundation In Guidance & Counselling.
  34. Foundation In History & Strategic Studies.
  35. Foundation In Home Economics.
  36. Foundation In Human Kinetic & Health Education.
  37. Foundation In Industrial Relations & Personel Management.
  38. Foundation In Insurance.
  39. Foundation In Integrated Science.
  40. Foundation In Law.
  41. Foundation In Marine Biology.
  42. Foundation In Mass Communication.
  43. Foundation In Materials & Metallurgical Engineering.
  44. Foundation In Mathematics.
  45. Foundation In Mathematics Education.
  46. Foundation In Mechanical Engineering.
  47. Foundation In Medical Laboratory Sciences.
  48. Foundation In Medicine & Surgery.
  49. Foundation In Microbiology.
  50. Foundation In Music.
  51. Foundation In Nursing Sciences.
  52. Foundation In Petroleum & Gas Engineering.
  53. Foundation In Pharmacology.
  54. Foundation In Pharmacy.
  55. Foundation in Philosophy.
  56. Foundation In Physics.
  57. Foundation In Physics Education.
  58. Foundation In Physiology.
  59. Foundation In Physiotherapy.
  60. Foundation In Political Science.
  61. Foundation In Psychology.
  62. Foundation In Quantity Surveying.
  63. Foundation In Radiography.
  64. Foundation In Russian.
  65. Foundation In Sociology.
  66. Foundation In Sports Science.
  67. Foundation In Surveying & Geoinformatics.
  68. Foundation In Systems Engineering.
  69. Foundation In Theatre Arts.
  70. Foundation In Urban & Regional Planning.
  71. Foundation In Visual Arts.
  72. Foundation in Yoruba.
  73. Foundation in Zoology.

Office of the Registrar and Secretary to Senate and Council

The Registry Department is headed by the Registrar, who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the day to day administration of the University. He superintends over the administrative unit of the University to communicate major decisions of the University organs in his capacity as the Secretary to the CouncilSenate, Congregation and Convocation.  The University laws made provisions for the appointment of Registrar “who shall be appointed by Council after considering the recommendation of a Joint Selection Committee of Senate and Council, and who shall be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the University. (2) The person holding the office of Registrar shall by virtue of the office be Secretary to Senate and to Council.

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The Administrative Divisions of the Registry currently

  1. Human Resources Division
  2. Exams and Records
  3. Senate Affairs
  4. Admissions

Academic Affairs Division

Academic Affairs Division deals with implementation and coordination of Senate decisions and policies. It also administers issues on students’ registration and statistics, and safe keeping of student records/archives of the University and issuance of Statement of Results, Academic Transcript and Certificate. Under the direct supervision of the Division are:

  • Exams and Records
  • Senate Affairs
  • For further inquiries and admission assistance call 09022205421/08117765394

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division oversees and coordinates the all matters affecting the Academic, Non-teaching and Junior Staff matters in the following areas:

Data Entry and Statistics Unit

The Unit is in charge of:

  • Leave matters for all staff
  • Record of service update for all staff
  • Nominal roll update and statistics
  • Staff file storage and maintenance
  • ICT server control and monitor as regards Personnel
  • Handling yearly personnel budgeting
  • APER form and Establishments’ time table of activities for Appointment and promotion exercise
  • Verification of staff credentials
  • Issuing letter of introduction as may be required by members of staff
  • Any other duties as may be assigned to the unit

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